The Small Stuff


The beginning of my health journey was more of a look-good, be-skinny, eat-as-little-as-possible game. After yoyo-ing for too many years,  I've settled into a place of intuitive eating, where my kale consumption is balanced by my affinity for rosé (sans guilt). Buuuuutttt...sometimes (like, right now in anticipation of my bachelorette) I go into a little bit of a panic that my daily health game just isn't enough. The perfectionist in me always thinks I can do more, and it is a constant battle to bring myself back to earth. Anyone else?

I'm not going to lie - I do still cleanse, cut carbs, and go a little harder on my workouts every once in a while. I also drink wine too many days in a row, eat Shake Shack, and skip my workouts sometimes! #balance right? Regardless of where my mindset is at, there are five things I absolutely never skip out on - they're as ingrained as brushing my teeth. For me, having these habits keeps me anchored and helps me feel good ninety-nine percent of the time.

Water. I never, ever (like evvvverrrrr) go a day without drinking enough water. I've found that about 100 ounces work great for me, and yes I keep tabs on that number throughout the day. The general recommendation is half of your body weight in ounces, plus more if it's hot or you're exercising. I go above and beyond this number because that's how I feel best.

Walk. I may not always make the time for a formal workout, but it's a rare occasion that I get fewer than 10K steps. I'm typically closer to 15K. This one takes effort, it doesn't just magically happen. I'll power walk for 5-10 minutes at a time regularly throughout my day. If I find I've been slacking by the end of the day I'll call a girlfriend or throw in a podcast and take a long stroll around my neighborhood.

*My apple watch is permanently attached to me for a reason.

Matcha. I swapped out coffee for matcha three years ago in an effort to decrease my anxiety and improve my sleep. I'll take small sips of coffee every once in a while, but my morning routine always includes a matcha tea. Matcha is green tea leaves ground up into a powder (which is then consumed whole, versus steeping the leaves).  You get a denser dose of antioxidants and a steady flow of energy, minus the crash. I love it with oat milk at Alfred on Melrose. When I'm making it at home (as I do most days) I like to add: 

tocos + collagen (hello gorgeous skin)
reishi (chill the f out)
ashwagandha (too many benefits to list)
brain octane oil (helps sustain me so I rarely need breakfast)
and MATCHA...duh!

Collagen. Worth mentioning twice on this list. I eat collagen Whether it's bone broth, powder (no taste, just add it to water), or protein bars, I am getting some form of collagen in my body daily. Collagen helps build elasticity in the skin, rebuilds gut lining which is essential for every function of the body, improves joint health, helps rebuild muscle, and protects against cognitive decline. 

Airplane mode. My phone stays in airplane mode for at least thirty minutes after I wake up. Emails, texts, and social media first thing in the morning are energy vampires, and they often cause us to be reactive. It's hard to prioritize the day when you're busy responding to messages or mindlessly flowing through Instagram. My mornings are precious to me, even if it's just 30 minutes of mental peace before my day starts.