workout Brands I'm loving


As someone who literally (speaking in the true definition of the word) lives in yoga pants, I consider myself an expert on the subject. When it comes to workout clothes - jackets, tanks, pants…you get the picture, a few things are a priority:

  1. Performance - I don’t want them to to slip, stretch out, or become see-through when I’m deep in a squat.
  2. Flattering - simple as that, I want to look good!
  3. Long-lasting - I am not the girl who hand washes her workout clothes. I live in them, I wash them often, and I need them to hold up.

There are only a handful of brands that live up to all three tests. And while this list certainly doesn't cover them all, it's simply what I’m loving right now:


Set Active: This brand just launched and they are the perfect high-waisted pants. They have a soft, stretchy material that gently sucks you in so you’ll feel lifted in the best way. They’re the first colored pants I feel confident in (before SET you could find me in black pants 99.9% of the time). 

Alo: These shiny black pants make an appearance 1-3 times a week. I like them because they slim your lower half, don’t stretch out, and you never have to pull them up during a workout. Since they have a bit of sheen, they feel amplified, but are still subtle enough to run around town in. 

Nancy Rose: These are the first pair of yoga pants I ever truly fell in love with. They’re just awesome basic black crops. They are the most form fitting of my pants and I feel like they truly suck everything in so you feel supported when you workout. You can buy a light version if you prefer thinner pants, but I like the original crops best. 

Sports Bras

Back to SET Active: legit the best sports bra I’ve ever owned. I workout in it, I wear it out, I sleep in it - it's that good. They’re seamless and honestly just make your boobs look fantastic. Besides SET my sport bras are a hodgepodge of brands, and I’ve linked to some of my favs below. 


Alo is killing the jacket game right now. This black sweatshirt has sheer black panels that keep it chic, this white number gets me about 100 complements a day, this pullover is the softest thing you’ll ever wear, and this…need I say more.


I’m normally a Nike girl, but majorly digging these and these Adidas by Stella Mcartney (the entire collection is quite honestly so cute). 


I mean…YES PLEASE. Andddd back to the adidas by Stella Mcartney collection - everything you need in this bag!