Killer Kettlebell Full-Body Blast


I absolutely love working with kettlebells because they subtly knock you off kilter, forcing you to work your transverse abdominals (that deep, stabilizing layer that quite literally wraps around your body and holds everything in). You'll notice your body utilizing the small muscle in each area you work for a deeper level of engagement than just flowing through motions with a solid weight. While I love a kettlebell for this workout if you don't have one don't let it deter you! You can still get an incredible full body workout and some serious cardio with a regular weight or no weight at all. This workout takes roughly ten minutes if you hustle through. Do it just once for a quick blast to your entire body, or repeat is 2-4 times for a more intensive training session. 

The workout:

15 kettlebell swings
10 burpees
15 sumo squat to upward row (holding KB)
8 burpees
20 russian twist (holding KB)
6 burpees
Holding wall sit, 20 bicep curl with KB
5 burpees
24 walking lunges, hold KB overhead
4 burpees
20 hip bridges, hold KB on pelvis

#WTF did that mean...

Kettlebell swings - booty
Stand with feet slightly wider than hips, with a gentle turn out, holding the handle of the kettlebell so that your palms face your body. Drop your hips down and back (into a squat), letting the KB fall between your legs. Stand back up dynamically and powerfully, relying on the glutes (your butt) to lift you up. The KB will swing to shoulder height but arms won't do a ton of work.

Burpees - cardio 
1. Stand with your feet under hips.
2. Bend your knees, and lower your hands to the floor (place them with fingers spread and palms flat.
3. Jump your feet back into a plank position. Let your core werk here.
4. Jump your feet back to # 2 position.
5. Reach your arms overhead and explosively jump up into the air.
6. Land and immediately lower back to # 2 for next rep.

Plie squat to upward row - inner and outer thighs, glutes, shoulders, upper back
Stand with feet wide, so that when your thighs are parallel with the ground your knees sit directly above ankles, holding the handle of the kettlebell so that your palms face your body. Drop your hips down into a plie squat. as you stand, pull elbows, up to shoulder height, then drop back down for next rep. 

Russian twist - core, obliques
Sit back onto your sacrum (so that the meaty part of your butt is released forward). Lift your legs, keeping them bent. If this is too much, keep heels on ground. With your chest leaning back, twist kettlebell to the right side of your body then left (that's two reps). 

Holding wall sit, bicep curl - quads, glutes, abdominals, biceps
Holding the kettlebell with both hands, get into a wall sit. your head to tailbone should be pressed into the wall behind you, with hips low enough that they ar in line with knees, knees directly over ankles (like you're sitting in an invisible chair). Do 20 bicep curls holding this position. 

Walking lunges, hold KB overhead - shoulders, glutes, quads
Hold the kettlebell overhead in one hand, arm perfectly straight. Step your right foot forward into a deep lunge, then step your left foot forward into a lunge. Repeat 12 reps on each side (24 total). Switch the overhead arm halfway through.

Hip bridges, hold KB on pelvis - glutes, inner thighs
Lay on back with feet hip distance and knees bent (feet flat on the floor). Set the kettlebell between your hip bones (on top of your pelvis). Lift hips high using your glutes, drop them only halfway down, then right back up (don't let your hips touch the ground again until your set is complete).