Hi! I'm Kate. 

I created Pinch of Kate to share recipes, workouts, and health tidbits.

A bit about me: I live in Los Angeles, where I work as a private trainer, recipe developer, and food photographer. Before starting my business, I found myself in the corporate world - first public accounting, then tech where long hours and unmanaged stress unsurprisingly left me exhausted and unhealthy. Years of desk sitting and lots of takeout sparked a desire to help others in this busy world find their health through nutrition and fitness. Pinch of Kate is an effort to do just that.

Movement and cooking have been my passions since I can remember - you can almost always find me making a mess in my kitchen or in a barre class. I believe in lots of whole foods and red wine, and (mostly) everything else in moderation. 

Poke around a bit, say hello, and enjoy!